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Our Founder's PM Skincare Routine

As your body rests, the skin repairs itself. We can enhance this process with skincare, making repair and correction the primary goals of your evening skincare routine.

Barefaced Founder Jordan Harper

As a 36-year-old with combination, acne-prone, and rosacea-prone skin, along with occasional sensitivity, I created my skincare routine to focus on slowing down skin aging, managing breakouts and rosacea, and preventing future damage.

Previously, my skin was more reactive. However, over the past decade, I've focused on strengthening my skin barrier, which has significantly reduced my skin's reactivity. With a consistent routine tailored to my skin's needs, I've been able to manage my rosacea and breakouts.




This is when your skin is already working to replenish and regenerate so your evening routine is all about aiding that natural process. Pro-tip: I always apply my PM routine at least 30 minutes before bed to give the product enough time to be fully absorbed and that way it doesn’t get wasted on a pillow. My evening rundown:

Double Cleanse

Yes. Every night. This is something I take pretty seriously and started to notice such an improvement in my breakouts and skin congestion when I implemented this habit about ten years ago. I love Bioderma Micellar Water or cleansing balm for the first cleanse and then will use Papaya Enzyme Cleanser or, if my skin is feeling more oily, Brightening Facial Wash

Toning Pads

Same prep step concept as the morning. The AHAs and BHAs help get rid of dirt and debris that gathered in your pores throughout the day and clear the way for your subsequent products to penetrate properly for optimal results. (if my skin is feeling dry I will skip these at night) 

Liquid Gold

Throughout the day, our vitamin C reserves start to diminish. That's why I apply vitamin C twice daily to replenish them. Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production, so I this ensures my skin gets the necessary amount to boost collagen production, which anyone over 30 can benefit from!

Brightening Serum

If you're like me, a former sun worshipper, those dark spots are constantly popping up. This serum contains three of the most effective natural skin lighteners, perfect for preventing and treating dark spots.

*DEJ Eye Cream 

I don't use an eye cream every day since I apply all my other products around my eyes (except Toning Pads), and I don't always make time for it. However, when I do use it, here's where it fits into my routine. DEJ Eye can help to retain moisture, maintain elasticity and improve fine lines, wrinkles, dryness + decrease eyelid hooding.

RetinAL Skin Therapy

The leading lady of my night time routine. Retinoids are most well researched anti-aging ingredient and the #1 product for keeping the skin youthful (outside of SPF). RetinAL is the only type of retinoid my skin can tolerate nightly and the key with seeing results from retinoids is using them consistently. I tried to use prescription tretinoin for years but could only ever tolerate a few times a week.

**You may have noticed I didn’t include Overachiever in the evening. That’s because both RetinAL Skin and Overachiever contain bakuchiol so there’s no need to double up, stretch that product! However, if you're using a retinol or prescription-strength Retin-A, I would strongly recommend applying Overachiever after your other serums and before your retinoid to boost the efficacy of your retinoid and to help combat any dryness/irritation it may cause.

Hydrating Lotion with two drops of Perfectionist to lock in hydration

In the cooler, drier months this combo is very effective at the end of my PM skincare routine because it contains not only hydrators but also calming/anti-redness ingredients.

Consistency is Key

Skincare is just like any other health effort…it requires time and consistency. That’s why investing in your daily routines is so critical. Expecting your skin health to improve with only in-office treatments is like expecting your teeth to be cavity-free from only two office visits a year while skipping the daily care of brushing and flossing. Not gonna happen. I’m a firm believer in creating healthy habits and it’s no different with a skincare routine. This is why my skin looks better in my thirties than it did in my twenties.

Sharing all about my my personal AM routine and why it's important to protect and prevent during the day!

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