A community by you, for you.

As a No Sun Club member...

You are at the heart of everything we do and we not only want to reward you with premium perks, but also we want you to play a role in the Barefaced brand because after all, the No Sun Club only exists because of YOU!

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Community Empowerment

Join the No Sun Club

A community that's invested in your experience as you share what it means to embody the No Sun Club lifestyle with the world on social media.

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Shared Sentiments

Beyond Skin Deep

The No Sun Club offers more than surface engagement; it's a partnership where you play a role in shaping the brand.

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Personalized Experience

More than a Club

No Sun Club is a space where members shape brand narratives, enjoy meaningful rewards, and get insider access that is only available here.

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Elevated Community Voice

A Shade Above the Rest

A place where points translate to exclusive perks and where your influence shapes the brand’s trajectory.

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Forward Together

Collaboration is the Currency

Every challenge, every piece of feedback, forges our shared path, letting you co-create the future of Barefaced. 


Have any questions?

No, you only need one account. If you already have a Barefaced account, you'll simply opt-in to access both the shop and loyalty program.

You can activate your account by opting in here!

You can create a new account here. Once signed up, you'll have access to both the shop and the loyalty program with this single account.

All earned rewards can be found under the "Reward" tab in the program.

In The No Sun Club, collectibles are badges that can unlock additional benefits and status for you within the program. Unlike traditional loyalty badges, the No Sun Club collectibles are tradable, and in certain cases, limited in supply. They represent opportunities to capture unique parts of the Barefaced brand and accelerate your status and increase your rewards in the program. Everyone in the program is greeted with their first collectible: The No Sun Club Membership pass

Your No Sun Club Membership Pass is your all-access ticket into the Barefaced universe and it gets even more valuable as you level up. Here's a snapshot:

  • Priority Access: Dive into early product reveals, exclusive events, and sales—beginning with our first "No Sun Club" merch drop.
  • Community Status: More than a pass—it's a testament to your dedication to skin health. Showcase it in our community spaces, and stay tuned for periodic pass design updates, celebrating our evolving journey!
  • Tiered Perks: As you climb the tiers, your pass unlocks more exclusive discounts, offers, and experiences tailored to your status.

Tier status in the No Sun Club is based on the total points you gather within a specific calendar year. For example, if you achieve a particular tier by 12/31/2024, you'll enjoy the benefits of that tier through 12/31/2025.

Points balances reset at the end of each year. The first reset will take place on 12/31/2024. It's crucial to keep this in mind if you're aiming to reach a specific tier or retain your current one.

To lock in or progress your tier status for the year 2025, you'll need to accumulate points from 1/1/2024 through to 12/31/2024. It might feel like looking way ahead, but now's the perfect moment to get involved, accumulate those points, and enjoy the No Sun Club's many perks!

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