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Our Founder's AM Skincare Routine

Our skin is constantly defending itself against UV damage, environmental exposure, and more throughout the day. That's why the primary goal of your morning skincare routine should be prevention and protection.

Barefaced Founder Jordan Harper wearing Everyday Eye Hero eye patches

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As a 36-year-old with combination, acne-prone, and rosacea-prone skin, along with occasional sensitivity, I created my skincare routine to focus on slowing down skin aging, managing breakouts and rosacea, and preventing future damage.

Previously, my skin was more reactive. However, over the past decade, I've focused on strengthening my skin barrier, which has significantly reduced my skin's reactivity. With a consistent routine tailored to my skin's needs, I've been able to manage my rosacea and breakouts.




My morning skincare routine is all about defending my skin against anything that will cause damage to it throughout the day, including the sun and free radicals. Here’s my typical lineup:


Most mornings I cleanse with water, like really cleanse not just a splash but wash my face with water. During the summer, when my combination skin tends to feel oilier, I will use a cleanser like Papaya Enzyme Cleanser or Brightening Facial Wash in the morning to break excess oil. Papaya is more gentle, so start there if you’re deciding between the two. 

Toning Pads 

The prep step to gently exfoliate away dull, dead skin cells to brighten and even out skin tone plus maximize the penetration of the rest of your skincare routine. I use Toning Pads every morning.

The only time I skip using them in the morning is if my skin is feeling extremely dry or if I know I'll be having an extensive sun exposure day (like at the beach, lake, or skiing) and might not be as diligent about reapplying my SPF.

Liquid Gold

A multi-tasking antioxidant shield. Vitamin C helps to prevent, protect and boost the efficacy of your SPF. This is your daily defense against environmental stressors, combating premature skin aging.

Brightening Serum 

If you're like me, a former sun worshipper, those dark spots are constantly popping up. This serum contains three of the most effective natural skin lighteners, perfect for preventing and treating dark spots.


My go-to step for strengthening my skin barrier and helping combat sensitivity. This is my ride or die, even on my most sensitive skin days, and is basically 10+ serums in one. It's truly doing the most so you don't have to. 

*DEJ Eye Cream 

I don't use an eye cream every day since I apply all my other products around my eyes (except Toning Pads), and I don't always make time for it. However, when I do use it, here's where it fits into my routine. DEJ Eye can help to retain moisture, maintain elasticity and improve fine lines, wrinkles, dryness + decrease eyelid hooding.

Hydrating Lotion

My favorite moisturizer because it's lightweight, but incredibly hydrating. Formulated with niacinamide, which reduces redness, and peptides help firm the skin.  

Everyday Eye Hero Reusable Eye Patches

This is when I apply my medical-grade silicone reusable eye patches and multi-task something else that needs to get checked off the list: like make the bed, pick out my outfit, or spend 10 minutes with my planner. I’m a side/stomach sleeper so I love these to smooth sleep lines and they really drive in any product you have underneath. No more saving eye patches for special occasions, these can be reused for a year plus!

*If I'm using sunless tanner this is where I apply it. I let it dry down for about ten minutes before applying SPF.

Tinted SPF

Most days I don’t wear makeup so this gives me just enough coverage to even out my skin tone and protect against UV damage. Iron oxides provide a universal tint and if you have dark spots you want a sunscreen with iron oxides to help further prevent!

Jordan Harper wearing Everyday Eye Hero eye patches journaling in bed


There you have it, this lineup sets the tone for my day no matter what time I actually get around to it (which is sometimes closer to lunch!)

One last important thing: if you’re running out of time or looking to simplify even further, you should know there are two staples I recommend for everyone outside of SPFToning Pads and Overachiever. If you have time for nothing else, these are a must! Find them in the Minimalist Kit.



Consistency is Key

Skincare is just like any other health effort…it requires time and consistency. That’s why investing in your daily routines is so critical. Expecting your skin health to improve with only in-office treatments is like expecting your teeth to be cavity-free from only two office visits a year while skipping the daily care of brushing and flossing. Not gonna happen. I’m a firm believer in creating healthy habits and it’s no different with a skincare routine. This is why my skin looks better in my thirties than it did in my twenties.

Sharing all about my evening skincare routine and why it's important to repair and correct at night!

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