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Using Everyday Eye Hero

Tips for getting the most out of your reusable eye patches.

Woman wearing Barefaced Everyday Eye Hero reusable eye patches looking at herself in the mirror

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Barefaced Everyday Eye Hero reusable eye patches
two women wearing Barefaced Everyday Eye Hero Reusable Eye Patches

Set the Tone & Embrace the Day 

Gone are the days of saving eye patches for special events. Now you can treat every day as extraordinary with Everyday Eye Hero reusable eye patches. This little self-care gem is about to become your daily go-to, and here's why!


A Fresh Start Every Morning

We all have those mornings when the area under our eyes seems a little lackluster. Whether it's due to a late-night of show binging or just the regular hustle and bustle of life, Everyday Eye Hero is ready to swoop in. But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill eye patches, they’re crafted from medical-grade silicone tailored to your delicate eye area, drenching it in hydration and temporarily smoothing fine lines. Applying Everyday Eye Hero is like a mini spa treatment for your eyes, leaving them feeling pampered and rejuvenated.


How to Use Everyday Eye Hero

Everyday Eye Hero eye patches are versatile and easy to incorporate into your routine. Whether you prefer to use it in the morning or as a pre-event spot treatment, it's the perfect companion for any time of the day. The patches require product to stay in place so…

    • AM usage: After you've applied your morning routine, minus SPF, pop on these patches as a finishing touch, leaving them on for 15-20 minutes to intensify absorption and results.
    • PM usage: Use at night for a spa-like way to relax. Place them on at the very end of your routine to deeply soak in the benefits of your products. Since the patches require product to be tacky enough to stay in place, we don’t generally recommend wearing them overnight.
    • Spot Treatment usage: Layer on top of your favorite brightening serums or eye creams for an added boost before a big meeting or outing. We love pairing it with Overachiever, Hydrating Lotion, and DEJ Eye Cream in this situation.

Benefits of Everyday Eye Hero 

    • Increase product absorption
    • De-puff
    • Temporarily minimize fine lines and wrinkles
    • Intensify hydration
    • Brighten skin/minimize the appearance of dark circles
    • Create a brief luxury skincare/self-care moment


Care Instructions 

    • Hand wash with mild soap (hand soap works great) and lukewarm water for a few seconds.
    • Lightly pat them dry on a clean towel.
    • Stick the pieces together and place them back in the pouch for next time.


Cutting Back on Waste

But wait, there's another reason to celebrate these patches! Think of how costly it can be buying eye patches that get disposed of after one use—to your wallet and the planet! Everyday Eye Hero reusable patches are eco-warriors cutting waste, like a little high-five to Mother Earth every time you use them. With proper care, these patches can be your trusty sidekick for around 12 months with daily use. That's right – a year of under-eye awesomeness!

Added bonus: Never having to feel the disappointment of running out of patches/not having them on hand when needed! Always there to save the day.


Two women applying Barefaced Everyday Eye Hero reusable eye patches in a bathroom wearing matching blue robes

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