Woman holding Barefaced Perfectionist facial and shave oil
Three women holding Barefaced Perfectionist facial and shave oil
Woman holding Barefaced Perfectionist facial and shave oil


Sizes: 1 fl oz / 30 mL

Facial oils are everywhere these days, but Perfectionist Oil is in a league of its own. Meticulously designed for one purpose: giving you an unparalleled shaving experience for your face. Say goodbye to basic dermaplaning and hello to oilplaning, setting a new standard for smoothness.

Perfectionist Oil is the trailblazer in the world of oilplaning–no more shaving your face on dry skin and no more angry, irritated skin post shave. This luxurious oil is designed to serve as a shield, helping your razor glide with precision without jeopardizing damage to your skin barrier. With its unique blend of soothing and hydrating ingredients to seal in moisture, Perfectionist also aids in stabilizing and fortifying your freshly-exfoliated skin long after you’re done.

Beyond shaving, Perfectionist also functions as luxurious facial oil, locking in moisture, while keeping environmental stressors and other bad things out. Apply in your evening routine to let the antioxidants and fatty acids soak in for soft, supple skin or use as a pre-treatment for a facial roller, gua sha, or massage.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, and no! This lightweight oil won’t clog your pores! That truly is perfection.

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Using Perfectionist

How to Use as a Shave Oil: We recommend oilplaning at night so it's not immediately followed by makeup or sun exposure. Start by double cleansing then prepping your skin with our Toning Pads (II). This helps prevent breakouts and sets the stage for a smooth and soothing shave. Apply one dropper full of Perfectionist liberally to your face. Shave slowly in an upward or downward motion using short, gentle strokes. Post shave, rinse with cool water, pat dry and apply Overachiever and Hydrating Lotion.

How to Use as a Facial Oil: Apply one dropper full (spread evenly across the face) as a base for facial roller, gua sha or massage.

  • Soothes sensitivity with hydrating ingredients
  • Reduces redness + bumpiness
  • Works to glide the razor closer and more smoothly on the skin, helping prevent nicks and cuts
  • Prevents rollers or other tools from tugging at dry skin, which can cause damage over time
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
Suited To

All skin types

Key Ingredients

Golden Seaweed, Ginger Root, Sunflower Seed Oil, Squalane

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