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Do I Need Both Liquid Gold and Brightening Serum?

The answer is: You absolutely need Liquid Gold and you may need Brightening Serum.

Brightening Serum and Liquid Gold

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Barefaced Brightening Duo Liquid Gold and Brightening Serum
Barefaced Brightening Duo Liquid Gold and Brightening Serum: A dynamic duo in correcting dark spots
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Liquid Gold + Brightening Serum

Liquid Gold is a skincare staple for any routine. If you’re bothered by stubborn skin discoloration from sun damage, melasma or post-acne marks, then you need both Liquid Gold and Brightening Serum

Liquid Gold (Vitamin C serum) is an antioxidant powerhouse on its own. It contains antioxidants that are important in the repairing and protection of your skin. Vitamin C levels in our skin naturally deplete as we age. Along with age, sun exposure and external environmental stressors also play a part in the depletion of vitamin C levels. This continued depletion can cause our skin to look dull and lifeless. Find out why Liquid Gold is different than your typical vitamin C serum here


Brightening Serum + Liquid Gold


So, the question still remains... 

Why use Brightening Serum in conjunction with Liquid Gold?


Brightening Serum contains ingredients that work in conjunction with Liquid Gold to treat skin discoloration. We like to call them the Brightening Duo!

These brightening ingredients work by inhibiting the production of melanin which is the main contributor of dark spots and discoloration of the skin (melasma/hyperpigmentation). Essentially, dark spots and melasma are an overproduction and cluster of melanin. When the melanin producers are inhibited, dark spots and melasma begin to lighten. 

The use of Brightening Serum in conjunction with Liquid Gold is super important to effectively treat discoloration. Liquid Gold helps to heal and protect your skin, which boosts Brightening Serum’s effectiveness to inhibit melanin production. Without Liquid Gold, Brightening Serum would be working overtime trying to decrease pigment produced while constantly being triggered by free radicals and environmental factors. Liquid Gold and Brightening Serum go together like Mary-Kate & Ashley, double trouble baby. #iykyk

It is also important to use a retinoid (RetinAL Skin Therapy is our fav!) and/or AHA and BHA containing products to ensure adequate cellular turnover (hi, Toning Pads and Glow Peel Pads). These products can help to slough off the top dead layers of skin to reveal a pigment free glow. Think of the Brightening Serum as reducing the discoloration produced and the retinoid, Liquid Gold and Toning Pads working together to produce new, healthy, pigment free cells while sloughing the old pigment away. Of course, most importantly, don’t forget SPF. All products work synergistically and complement one another so best results are seen when using together.

Brightening Serum will be used after Liquid Gold in your AM and PM regimen and both products may gradually be worked up to using twice daily as tolerated.

Brightening Serum + Liquid Gold - they truly go hand in hand!


Brightening Duo




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