Facial Razor Refills
Facial Razor Refills

Facial Razor Refills

Keep the handle, swap for a fresh blade! The razor refill pack comes with 3 replacement stainless steel blades for your Barefaced Facial Razor, that’s a three month supply for smooth, clear, radiant skin. Replacing your blade after 4 uses is vital to achieving the best removal of dead skin cells and peach fuzz for improved product penetration and makeup application.

Includes: 3 blades

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Facial Razor Refills

Using Barefaced Facial Razor Refills

We recommend oilplaning at night so it's not immediately followed by makeup or sun exposure. Start by double cleansing then prepping your skin with our Toning Pads (II). This helps prevent breakouts and sets the stage for a smooth and soothing shave. Apply one dropper full of Perfectionist liberally to your face. Shave slowly at a 45° angle in an upward or downward motion using short, gentle strokes. Post shave, rinse with cool water, pat dry and apply Overachiever and Hydrating Lotion. Clean the blade with rubbing alcohol after each use to disinfect. 

Each blade has a suggested life span of four uses. If oilplaning weekly, replace the blade once a month.

  • Removes hair and dull, dead skin cells revealing smoother texture and brighter tone
  • Provides a superior exfoliation allowing for better skincare absorption and a smooth canvas for makeup application
  • Surgical stainless steel blade for long-lasting durability
  • Plastic safety tip at the top of the blade helps to prevent nicking the skin during use
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