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The Story of Barefaced

How it started and how it’s going.

The Story of Barefaced

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Let’s go back, back to the beginning

Nurse Practitioner Jordan Harper had treated thousands patients in office and noticed a pattern: they were almost all overwhelmed and confused when it came to skincare options and information. That’s when she knew she wanted to simplify skincare based around the premise Less but Better.


Founding Barefaced

In 2019, Jordan’s husband got relocated for his residency. In a new town, with very few people she knew, Jordan realized she had the time to pour all her efforts into making innovative solutions a reality. All on her own (yep, without investors) she began creating Toning Pads. The OG baby. They lived a tiny apartment but had a garage that became our warehouse. Jordan and her husband packed and shipped every single order themselves. (Shoutout to all the fellow entrepreneurs in that season now! You got this!) What that intense, but special time taught her was the value of each individual member in the Barefaced community trusting us with your skin.

It’s why we will always provide three things:

    1. Customized routines for your unique skin type, with results-driven products that do the most in the least amount of steps.
    2. Free science-backed education on social platforms.
    3. A team of Skincare Specialists available to answer any questions or concerns you have.

The goal from day one will be our goal forever—to make you feel seen, valued, less stressed, and to help you become the expert of your own skin.

Barefaced Products Timeline

Best-in-class products are more than a goal, they’re our standard. 

Skincare options are already overwhelming, so Jordan knew she was never going to introduce a product that wasn’t best-in-class and innovative because we don't need more skincare products, we need better. For example, did you know we worked on creating an eye cream? Probably not. That’s because we ended up pulling it from production since it wasn’t game-changing enough from other choices out there. No need to flood the market with more of the same.

Here’s a history rundown of how the Barefaced product line became what it is today…

Jordan starts working with a master chemist and formulator to develop formulations on a handful of products.
January 2020
The original product line makes its debut, which included Toning Pads, Toning Pads II, Brightening Pads, SPF and Hydrating Lotion. The goal is to provide the same professionally-guided experience and results-driven products that are available in a medical office, and make them obtainable from the comfort of your phone. Orders are packed and shipped from Jordan's garage!
September 2020
Barefaced becomes a registered trademark and the official brand name.
June 2021
We revamp our brand identity and launch an updated product line, which includes the release of Liquid Gold and RetinAL Skin Therapy. It’s why we celebrate our birthday every June.
July 2021
We kept imagining an all-around kitchen sink-type serum that would serve as a retinoid booster, or retinoid-alternative, while also relieving redness, irritation and inflammation, AND strengthen the skin. Finally, when she checked all those boxes, Overachiever was introduced.
September 2023
After Jordan shared about shaving her face, people were captivated by the details. But since basic dermaplaning can cause dryness and irritation, we knew it was an area that could be improved. That’s when Perfectionist, the first-in-class women’s facial + shave oil and oilplaning were born.
October 2023
Everyday Eye Hero reusable eye patches launch. Designed to help drive your skincare products under your eyes to de-puff, brighten, and soften fine lines, setting the tone for every day and cutting waste.

Our philosophy has always been Less but Better, and that won’t change. We’re focused on avoiding excess, but that doesn’t mean we’re not always working to develop something that’s new and original that helps do the most for your skin in the least amount of steps.

So stay tuned…we’ve got some big plans!


We’re all in this together

Not-so-breaking news! You’re not going to get your best skin yet from a single product or inconsistency.

That’s why Barefaced is intentionally formulated to work synergistically and complementary with one another for the best results. The magic is in the routine. All of our routines are designed to protect, prevent, repair, and correct.

How it all works:

It all started with Toning Pads and that’s still how your routine starts after cleansing to gently remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and prep the skin for the rest of your routine. This will allow your products to penetrate deeper into the skin for max absorption.

Liquid Gold vitamin C serum, an antioxidant powerhouse heals and protects the skin, boosts SPF effectiveness, and helps to produce collagen.

And thanks to Liquid Gold, Brightening Serum doesn’t have to work overtime to inhibit melanin production (dark spots. They produce better results as a duo (that’s why we have the Brightening Duo).

RetinAL Skin Therapy is the GOAT for anyone who can’t tolerate prescription-strength retinoid 5-7 nights a week, and it’s designed to pair perfectly with Overachiever. This retinoid-booster soothes and strengthens your skin following any irritation from RST. Allowing you to use RetinAL Skin Therapy more frequently for greater results.

Hydrating Lotion locks it all in and nourishes your skin barrier, while helping to visibly reduce redness and strengthen the skin. When your skin feels extra dry or reactive, add two drops of Perfectionist to boost hydration.

Add in Glow Peel Pads for a weekly at-home chemical peel. They’re the ultimate bonus treatment for a deeper exfoliation, evening tone and texture, and clearing out pores to reduce breakouts.

So yes, adding any one of these products to your routine will benefit your skin, but for the greatest long-term results, check out the full lineup and use it consistently.


Branding and Packaging with Purpose

Everything in our brand has always been designed with the utmost intention.

For example, did you know most of our product packaging is airless?! It’s true. The airless pumps allow you to get every last drop of product out of the tubes. We’re not ones to waste precious product! You can also reuse or recycle the skincare pad containers and this video to recycle the majority of your other packaging. (The only thing that can’t be recycled is the pump itself. We recommend checking with your local company to see if they accept this type of plastic in their curbside recycling.)


The brand color palate was also selected with meaning behind it.


There is a genuine warmth about coral that conveys reassurance, which reflects our goal to help the Barefaced community be more confident in their own skin. Coral also expresses vitality and a zest for life, which we associate to the desire for radiant, healthy skin. All of our coral packaging and branding is meant to be uplifting—just like our Barefaced community. Overall, coral should feel like a hug.



Citron radiates joy, freshness, and energy, which matches our vision to promote vibrant, glowing skin. We believe this bright, cheerful shade encourages positive, intentional choices in our skincare routines and lives. Citron embodies an invigorated spirit and that’s our desire for the Barefaced community every time someone reaches for a bottle of Liquid Gold or Brightening Serum.

Barefaced brand pantone colors

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