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Getting Started with Your Skincare

Everything you need to know about your new skincare products in one place.

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A Guide to Your Skincare Routine

Consider this your official initiation into the No Sun Club™. We’re thrilled to have you as a member! You completed your first initiation task by purchasing a product or routine from Barefaced, but now what?!

This post will walk you through everything you need to know about your product(s) and how to optimize usage: how to layer everything, weekly treatments, reactions to anticipate, and more. So save this page for easy access to alllll the answers and let’s get started!

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Order of Operations

Would you layer a tank top over your jacket? Immediately no!

That's because we layer thinnest to thickest, and just like our clothing, the same concept applies to skincare… because how you layer your products matters!

Watch this Skincare School episode to learn how you can maximize the effectiveness of your products by layering them thinnest to thickest (that’s our golden rule) because thinner products are more lightweight and absorbed into the skin more quickly.

Product Layering–A Sample Daily Lineup


    1. Cleanse–remove debris + prep skin
    2. Toning Pads (II)–exfoliate + unclog pores
    3. Liquid Gold–brighten + protect skin
    4. Brightening Serum–reduce dark spots
    5. Overachiever–reduce redness + improve firmness
    6. Eye Cream–treat the eye area
    7. Hydrating Lotion (if needed)–nourish skin barrier + lock in moisture
    8. SPF–protect


    1. Double Cleanse–remove debris + prep skin
    2. Toning Pads (II)–exfoliate + unclog pores
    3. Liquid Gold–brighten + protect skin
    4. Brightening Serum–reduce dark spots
    5. Eye Cream–treat the eye area
    6. Retinoid–improve tone/texture + reduce fine lines/wrinkles
    7. Hydrating Lotion–nourish skin barrier + lock in moisture

Example Order of Operations for Layering Skincare



Glow Peel Pads: 1-3x/week, swap out Toning Pads (II) for Glow Peel Pads for a deeper exfoliation. If using them in the evening, skip retinoid use that night to avoid irritation.

Dermaplaning: a fancy name for shaving your face! Can be done weekly or monthly. Benefits include...

    • Exfoliation for the face
    • Increased skincare product absorption
    • Removal of peach fuzz
    • Smoother application of makeup
    • Reduced appearance of fine lines + wrinkles
    • A dewy, glowing appearance!


    Usage Tips

    Use too little, it may take a while to see results. Use too much, it could lead to pilling problems. The amount of product needs to hit in the sweet spot.


    How Long to Wait Between Applying Products

    For most cases, ZERO seconds! You don't need to wait between applying products because it’s actually best practice to apply products to damp skin to help your products absorb better!

    We do recommend starting your routine within 60 seconds after cleansing and using only the recommended amount of your products since excess can pill instead of getting soaked into the skin.

    However, there are times that it can be beneficial to wait in between products!

    Two examples:

      • If you're new to retinoids, applying to dry skin can help minimize initial dryness/sensitivity.
      • If you notice pilling with sunscreen application, wait 5-10 min before applying SPF. More info on pilling here!


    Anticipated vs. Adverse Reactions

    Anticipated Reactions: redness, minor irritation, burning/tingling sensation, purging (breakouts)

    Adverse Reactions: rash/hives – Stop use of product!

    Waiting for anticipated reactions to stop can feel like for-ev-er. It can take up to 8-12 weeks to fully adjust so don’t lose hope! Still breaking out or seeing redness after 12 weeks? You may need to switch up your routine.


    How Long Until I See Results

    When incorporating any product:

      • It can take up to 12 weeks to start seeing changes in the skin.
      • Around 6 months for significant improvement, depending on the type of skin concern and repair needed on the skin.
      • Optimal results will be seen when using an entire regimen including retinoid and SPF, as one product can’t do it all.

    How Long do Hyperpigmentation Treatments Take to Work Infographic

    How to Properly Store Products

    Products should be stored in a cool dark area like a cabinet or drawer as sunlight can breakdown the active ingredients in some products leaving them less potent. (Especially the vitamin A in retinoids!)

    Make sure the caps are on and the tops are screwed on tight, especially with Liquid Gold. Leaving the top off can lead to the oxidation of the product, which can turn the product dark orange and hinder the potency.

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