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Introducing Oilplaning

The superior way to shave your face.

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Breaking News: Women shave their faces too!

But traditional dermaplaning? Sure, it gets the job done, no frills, but your skin deserves the best. That’s why we’re introducing, oilplaning—the superior way to shave your face. Say goodbye to dead skin cells and peach fuzz, and hello to a hydration boost that’s beneficial for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive, or reactive skin. The result is smoother, more radiant skin that’s better prepared to absorb subsequent skincare and more even for improved make-up application. 

So, if you're all about giving your skin the VIP treatment it deserves, oilplaning is your backstage pass. Skip the old-school method and give oilplaning a go.


Five Benefits of Shaving Your Face:

    • Gets rid of dull skin cells + peach fuzz (see ya! 👋)
    • Provides a smoother skin texture
    • Increases your skincare product absorption
    • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles
    • Creates a smoother canvas for makeup + SPF application

...and most of these benefits then help reduce breakouts. Winning!

And here’s why we’re even bigger fans of oilplaning:

    • Helps prevent nicks and cuts
    • Works to glide the razor closer and more smoothly on the skin
    • Reduces redness, bumpiness, dryness, and other reactions
    • Soothes sensitivity
    • Creates a smoother surface for makeup application


Perfectionist has entered the chat!

A first-in-its-class women’s facial + shave oil, Perfectionist is expertly formulated to enhance your at-home face shaving experience. No more shaving on dry skin and no more angry, irritated skin post shave. This luxurious oil is designed to serve as a shield, helping your razor glide with precision without jeopardizing damage to your skin barrier. With its unique blend of soothing and hydrating ingredients to seal in moisture, Perfectionist also aids in stabilizing and fortifying your freshly-exfoliated skin long after you’re done. 

We've obsessively selected premium elements such as:

        • Golden Seaweed sourced from the Brittany region of France, which helps restore balance to your skin, providing moisturizing effects and a soothing sensation that lasts.
        • Ginger Root, to further enhance anti-redness properties. This natural ingredient actively combats sensitivity, leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.
        • A super-potent antioxidant blend, including Sunflower Seed Oil, to create a protective barrier that nourishes and shields your skin from external toxins that often lead to breakouts.
        • Squalane, a key moisturizing ingredient, keeps your skin hydrated. Throughout the shaving process it ensures maximum performance from your razor, helping it glide effortlessly across the skin to prevent nicks and cuts.



How to DIY Oilplaning

Razor type? Our favorite is the Barefaced Facial Razor. But always try out different ones to find the one that’s most comfortable and works best for you.

How often? We recommend weekly, but you can also shave monthly or just when you remember/have time to do it. The peach fuzz doesn’t come back any different depending on amount of time in between. It’s just personal preference.

AM or PM? At night, at least 30 minutes before bed. This way you’re not putting on makeup or lying on a pillow right away. Make sure your pillow case is clean too!


STEP 1: Start by double cleansing your face and patting it completely dry.

STEP 2: Use a toner like Toning Pads or Toning Pads II to make sure pores are cleaned out well.

STEP 3: Apply one dropper full of Perfectionist facial + shave oil to your face.

STEP 4: Pull the skin taught and shave in a 45-degree angle. If you’re new to dermaplaning or have sensitive skin, try going in a downward motion with the hair line first, instead of against the grain. It’s safe to dermaplane everything from neck and jawline up to your forehead.

STEP 5: After shaving, use a gentle toner or rinse with cool water to remove any dead skin and hair left behind. Don’t fully re-cleanse—you actually want a little Perfectionist oil to remain on the skin.

STEP 6: Apply serums, like Overachiever, to reduce any redness or irritation. If you're prone to breakouts, apply your retinoid–we love RetinAL Skin Therapy because the added bakuchiol makes it more easily tolerated. But if you have sensitive skin, it’s ok to skip your retinoid on your freshly-exfoliated face.

STEP 7: Always make sure to apply a moisturizer to lock in hydration. Our go-to is Hydrating Lotion

If you're not sure about doing this yourself at home, you can always choose to have it done in-office by a professional.


Common Side-Effects You Could Experience

Although this procedure is relatively simple and safe, there are some potential side-effects that can happen no matter if it’s done at home or professionally in an office.

        • Breakouts–this type of physical exfoliation can bring all the oils and dirt that were hiding under the top layer of dead skin cells right up to the surface.
        • Minor irritation–redness can occur, stick to gentle cleansers/products and pause acids as needed.
        • Dryness–flakiness and itchiness may happen after this level of exfoliation. Incorporate soothing facial oils or Overachiever to treat.
        • Minor cuts–nicks can happen! Especially with sharper tools.

Skip oilplaning/dermaplaning if...

You may want to wait if you any active cases of the following conditions, simply because shaving can do more harm than good.

        • Breakouts
        • Sunburn
        • Cold sores
        • Eczema
        • Other skin rashes (contact, bacterial, or viral)

If you do have one of these, you may want to seek guidance and clearance from a local skincare expert.


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