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Sunburn? Here’s what to do!

Oh no, did you skip the No Sun Club summer meeting because you're looking a little crispy? No worries!  We would never kick you out of the club; instead, we will give you a few tips on how to restore your gorgeous, pre-sunburnt skin.

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What should I do if I get sunburnt?

Most people associate sunburn with those beautiful, full-sun summer days we all dream about from time to time. However, it can also occur on cloudy days. But no matter when or how you end up looking like a lobster, here are some key tips for treating and repairing your damaged skin barrier.


Do’s and Don’ts For Sunburn

—Use products that contain glycolic or salicylic acid (Toning Pads + Glow Peel Pads), or physical exfoliants. They can be too harsh for healing skin.

—Take hot showers. They can be irritating.

—Pop blisters. They’re protecting your skin from infection.
—Continue to use vitamin C (Liquid Gold) as antioxidants help heal the skin barrier, plus Overachiever to soothe redness and inflammation.

—Take cool showers or baths. They can help ease pain.

—Keep the skin hydrated. This makes moisturizer, like Hydrating Lotion, your best friend.

—Finally, since sunburn pulls moisture to the skin’s surface and out of the body, drink plenty of extra water.

So what is a sunburn exactly?

A sunburn occurs when the outermost layer of our skin is over exposed to UV light. Why is this problematic? It damages, sometimes severely, the skin’s moisture barrier and exacerbates our skin's aging process and can lead to a variety of dangerous skin cancers—regardless of sunburn, we encourage annual skin-checks.

Infographic on UVA and UVB Rays

Sunscreen is the first line of defense and should always be utilized when exposing your skin to UV light, but we all occasionally forget to reapply sunscreen. On those days, we have an SOS routine for you!

A Sunburn Routine

It’s a gentle and calming way to minimize the painful side effects of sunburn and promote healing. When sunburnt, your skin is in a very sensitive and inflamed state, making it exceptionally important to use gentle skincare products so as not to create additional irritation. While the skin is recovering, you will want to discontinue products that contain substances like glycolic and salicylic acid, and skip that daily retinAL usage (still highly recommended in the absence of sunburn). Without further ado, here is the routine:

Morning Routine

1) Cleanse: Gentle Cleansing Lotion–we recommend cleansing with cool water to help with inflammation.
2) Tone: Soothing Facial Rinse–a great mild alcohol-free toner.
3) Serum: Liquid Gold (added protection + promotes healing) + Overachiever (minimizes redness + great for inflamed skin).
4) Eye Cream: DEJ Eye Cream–don't forget to hydrate your eye area. To help with puffy eyes, you can apply the Overachiever underneath your eye cream. (*always make sure to do a patch test)
5) Moisturize: Hydrating Lotion–your BFF since hydration is key.
6) SPF: SPF Duo–continue to use SPF and make sure to reapply throughout the day.

Evening Routine

3) Serum: Liquid GoldOverachiever
4) Eye Cream: DEJ Eye Cream
5) Moisturize: Hydrating Lotion



    • Store products in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation.
    • For extra hydration on top of moisturizer, apply a cooling masque.
    • Use a cold compress when needed to help soothe, cool, calm and minimize inflammation.  
    • Wear a wide brimmed hat whenever you are outside. 
    • Keep that pout hydrated with YouthFull Lip Replenisher. 



*The cooling masque is no longer available in the shop, but any cooling cream or gel masque can provide relief.

P.S. – Don't forget the number one No Sun Club rule: minimize sun exposure and wear SPF, and maybe (but, always) even throw on an oversized hat!

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