Barefaced Liquid Gold vitamin c
Barefaced Liquid Gold Vitamin C Serum shown with dropper
Woman applying Barefaced Liquid Gold vitamin c
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Woman applying Barefaced Liquid Gold vitamin c

Liquid Gold

Sizes: 1 fl oz / 30 mL

Not your average vitamin C. Liquid Gold is a multitasking antioxidant powerhouse formulated to layer perfectly on top of our Toning Pads for increased effectiveness, designed to penetrate deep into the skin, providing mega antioxidant protection from UV damage, defending against premature aging of skin, while encouraging collagen production and boosting effectiveness of SPF.  It’s called Liquid Gold for a reason, people.

Plus, unlike traditional vitamin C serums which are water based and can be drying, Liquid Gold is a micro-emulsion formulated with coconut based esters to provide long-term hydration, working together with turmeric and additional natural extracts to give you soft, vibrant, nourished skin.

Liquid Gold

Using Liquid Gold

Apply 3-5 drops to your face, neck and chest. Use in the morning and night after your skincare pads and before the rest of your skincare routine. Work into your routine by using three mornings a week on alternating days and gradually increasing to twice daily. 

  • Boosted with hydrating ingredients to eliminate the need for additional hydrating serums (in most skin types)
  • Enhanced efficacy when applied after using Toning Pads
  • A must have product in every skincare routine
Suited To

Anyone who wants brighter, healthier-looking skin (we bet that’s you!)

Key Ingredients

L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E, Kakadu Plum, Turmeric, White Mulberry

Skin so good you could go Barefaced.

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