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Common Skincare Mistakes

Oops! You Did It Again... made a little skincare mistake and didn't even know it!

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Skincare 'Oops!' Moments + What To Do

Sometimes skincare can totally feel like information overload! Agreed?! So we decided to talk about some VERY common “Oops!” moments you may be making in your daily skincare and offer up some simple advice and solutions.


Oops! What to do accidentally applied your retinoid in the morning.

Make a mental note that UVA and UVB light break down the vitamin A proteins in the retinoid, making it ineffective! It’s best to apply right before you go to bed to maximize the product's effectiveness.

Reasons you want your retinoid, like RetinAL Skin Therapy, to remain effective:

    • It reduces the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles by increasing collagen production.
    • It aids in fading sun spots, plus improves skin tone + texture.
    • It increases cellular turnover, which can minimize breakouts.

Applying a retinoid in the morning and exposing it to UV rays will hinder your product and keep it from successfully doing these amazing things.


Oops! What to do didn't screw the lid back on your Vitamin C bottle.

Tighten that top! This prevents oxidation and ensures Vitamin C products, like Liquid Gold, stay effective.

Benefits of Vitamin C:

    • Produces collagen (firms skin/reduces wrinkles)
    • Provides UV protection
    • Prevents + actively fades dark sports
    • Fights free radical damage (chemicals, toxins, cigarette smoke, etc.)

All great reasons to keep that lid on securely and get the most out of your Vitamin C.


Oops! What to do over-exfoliated and your skin is irritated and flaking.

If recovering from over-exfoliation:

    • Pump the brakes on chemical + physical exfoliants for a bit
    • Switch to a mild cleanser
    • Stop products with acids while your skin heals
    • Heal with Vitamin C (Liquid Gold is our go-to)
    • Keep the skin moisturized
    • Apply SPF daily to protect the fragile skin barrier from further damage


Oops! What to do fell asleep with makeup on.

Sleeping in your makeup can trap dirt and pollution in the skin, causing breakouts, dryness, redness, irritation and even eye infections. If sleeping in your makeup becomes a habit there can be long term damage, such as premature aging and collagen degradation brought on by free radical cell damage.

Here's what to do next:

    1. Double cleanse with micellar water.
    2. Follow up with your normal morning skincare routine.
    3. Wash your sheets and put on a clean pillowcase.
    4. Make a mental note that washing your face is easier than washing your sheets!


Oops! What to do get a sunburn.

Because sun protection is near and dear to our hearts (#NoSunClub™ for life), we have more helpful tips on this here.


If you haven't made any of these mistakes yet, consider us impressed! But stay tuned…we’ll soon be covering more common ‘Oops!’ moments you may not know you’re making!

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