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Myth or Fact (Barefaced Edition)

Are we superheroes? Far from it. But, our goal is to empower you to be the expert of your own skin—so, pass us a cape and let’s get started.

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Saving the World, One Skincare Myth at a Time

Remember those teenage years when you thought chocolate caused breakouts and toothpaste was a spot treatment? Skincare information that’s passed around is full of truths and myths so our team is here to help clear a few things up… 

Diving Even Deeper

Let's look a little further into some of the myths + facts we covered.


Q: If you put on SPF plus a foundation with SPF, you get double the protection.

MYTH. You can't increase sun protection by mixing sunscreens. Layering or combining different SPFs does not increase the active ingredients.

The actual way to boost the efficacy of your SPF is by applying Vitamin C (Liquid Gold) first! These ingredients DO work together with SPF to make it 11x more effective!

Don’t forget to stick with the “two finger-length” rule with regular SPF (that’s not found in makeup). To get the right amount of protection from just the SPF in makeup, your foundation amount would have to resemble a thick mud mask—and that’s the opposite of going bare faced.


Q: Retinoids thin the skin.

MYTH. Retinoids actually thicken the skin by stimulating collagen production. This helps regenerate skin cells more quickly, making the skin look more youthful, plump, and refreshed.


Q: If you break out from a new product, you should stop immediately.

MYTH. Purging is a normal part of the process, especially when introducing new acids and retinoids, and you should wait 6-8 weeks for your skin to adjust. We specifically added bakuchiol into our formulation for RetinAL Skin Therapy for this reason. This ingredient reduces sensitivity and increases tolerability. Know that 1 in 4 people experience purging, so stay the course, but we highly recommend knowing the difference between anticipated (purging, sensitivity) and adverse reactions (read this if you're unsure). We recommend discontinuing use if you experience hives or severe rash.


Q: Acne-prone skin types do not need moisturizer.

MYTH. Although it’s true that oily/breakout-prone skin types can get clogged pores from thicker moisturizers, all skin types can benefit from a moisturizer specifically formulated to strengthen the skin barrier. When oily skin isn’t getting healthy hydration, it can start getting dry, which prompts the skin to produce MORE oil. Quite the catch-22.


Q: The bigger the hat, the closer to heaven.

FACT! The sky is the limit.


Girl wearing oversized sun hat


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