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Modifying Your Skincare Routine

Times you may need to mix up the logistics of your skincare routine–AM to PM changes, exercising, night shifts–we've got you covered!

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Common Skincare Modification Needs

Everyone’s schedule is different from day-to-day and different from everyone else’s, so when you find time to do your skincare routine will vary too! Some people work night shifts, some are in the newborn phase all over the place getting sleep when they can, some people workout at various times in the day. So let’s discuss skincare around some of these diversified schedules…


Modifications from Your AM to PM Routine

It's all about the order of operations and product layering when it comes to morning and nighttime routines. The biggest difference being you use SPF in the morning but not at night, and retinoids at night but not in the morning. Everything else is typically used in both routines daily or in just one based on personal preference.

AM and PM Skincare Products to Use

Commonplace exceptions in product layering:

    • If you use Revox Line Relaxer, apply it after your skincare pads (toner) and before your vitamin C serum. Let it dry for one full minute before applying any other skincare.
    • If you are experiencing sensitivity around your eyes, apply eye cream right after cleansing before applying any other products.
    • If you’re using a prescription topical, it is generally the first thing to apply after serums. (We always recommend consulting with your prescribing physician.)
    • If you use prescription strength hydroquinone, you would apply it after eye cream.
    • If you use C+ Correcting Complex 30%, apply it after serums.
    • Using Glow Peel Pads? These will be used 1-3x/week in place of skincare pads/toner. Don’t use any other skincare pads/toner that day and skip retinoid use that day to avoid irritation.



Modifications When You Workout

Everyone's workout preferences differ—morning, midday, evening, or just whenever we can squeeze it in—but sometimes, deciding when and how we’re supposed to fit in our skincare around our exercise schedule can feel confusing. When do we quick cleanse? When do we do our full routine? Here are some of those questions answered in Skincare School:



If you’re a rise + grind person:

    • Before: Throw on some SPF (especially if you’re headed outside)
    • After: Wash your face & do your normal morning routine



If you prefer a midday boost:

Complete your usual morning routine when you wake up.

    • Before: If you struggle with breakouts, be sure to remove any and all makeup.
    • After: Cleanse again to keep the sweat form sitting in your pores. Then apply moisturizer if needed and SPF to nourish and protect until your full evening routine.

Don’t forget…during any of these additional daytime cleanses, be sure to use a gentle cleanser—like Papaya Enzyme Cleanser, micellar water, or a cleansing balm—so you don’t over exfoliate or dry out your skin!

If you exercise in the evenings:

    • Before: Remove makeup prior to working out, especially if you’re breakout-prone.
    • After: Cleanse your face as soon as possible if you're prone to breakouts (this is the perfect time to double cleanse!) and follow up with your normal nighttime routine.


Modifications for Working the Night Shift

Working 9 to 5, but overnight? Keep your skincare consistent! Here are some tips for how to use your products around your flipped hours:

    • Do your PM routine in the PM before your shift. You want to only be using your retinoid in the evening because sunlight exposure breaks down the ingredients and makes it less potent and effective. If you’re heading into your shift while there’s still sunlight, apply SPF over your retinoid for the drive in.
    • Do your AM routine in the AM after your shift and before you crawl into bed, skipping SPF while you’re sleeping, but make sure you apply that protection once you’re out of bed!


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