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Helpful Travel Hacks

Have a trip coming up? We’ve got some valuable info you’ll want to know about.

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Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Skincare

If you’re getting ready to head out of town, packing can be crazy enough, so let us help you make skincare a little less stressful. First piece of advice: you may want to avoid introducing any new products to your routine right before or during a trip. Purging (increased breakouts) and sensitivity (dryness, redness) can be common as your skin adjusts, which can take up to 6-8 weeks.



Four Skincare Travel Hacks We Love

Hack 1: Leave your Toning Pads (II) jar at home and opt for the Travel Packs. These contain 10 skincare pads in a slim, space-saving pouch. Your other option is to put the amount of skincare pads you’ll need into a plastic bag…just make sure it’s tightly sealed! Don’t let those bad boys dry out on your vacay or work trip. That would be a major bummer. Whomp, whomp.

Hack 2: If you have to travel light, make sure to at least bring the Bare Necessities:

These are the foundational items for all skincare routines. So if you can’t take your full regimen with you, take the core four. Need even less? Let’s say you’re living the dream, backpacking around Europe—the Minimalist Kit has the 2 staples that will keep your skin properly nourished and protected in the least amount of steps. Just add SPF. Always, always SPF! (Bonus points for bringing a No Sun Club hat!)


Hack 3: If you're headed to the beach or on the boat, put SPF in the cooler to keep it cool. Join us in a resounding, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” The only thing cooler than sun protection is reapplication that also cools your skin!

Hack 4: On physical travel days here are your non-negotiables to protect and prevent:

  • In a car—SPF. UV rays are easily penetrating those windows, causing damage to the skin on your face and arms. 
  • On a plane—Vitamin C and moisturizer. Help defend your skin against the dry, grubby air. Cringe.

Hack 5: Travel with friends who use Barefaced. In case you forget something, you can always use theirs. Sharing is caring.


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