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Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for Every Skin Type

We know that one skincare can't do it all, but Vitamin C is like Liquid Gold (hence the name of our new product). We believe everyone should use Vitamin C in their daily skincare routine, and let us tell you why! 

Barefaced Liquid Gold Vitamin C Serum

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Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C serum is a powerful antioxidant that when applied to the skin topically checks all of the below boxes:

    • Produces collagen (Firms skin/reduces wrinkles)
    • Provides UV protection from harmful rays
    • Improves texture of the skin
    • Prevents/actively fades dark spots
    • Fights free radical damage (Examples of free radicals: cigarette smoke, household chemicals, environmental toxins)

    Unless you have a known sensitivity to l-ascorbic acid, we recommend Liquid Gold!


    Liquid Gold


    Why Liquid Gold? 

    It’s not your average vitamin C! Formulated to layer perfectly on top of our Toning Pads (II), our Liquid Gold is a multitasking antioxidant powerhouse micro-emulsion designed to penetrate deep into the skin, providing mega antioxidant protection from UV damage, defending against premature aging of skin, while encouraging collagen production and boosting effectiveness of SPF.  

    Plus, unlike traditional Vitamin C serums, which are water based and can be drying, Liquid Gold is a micro-emulsion formulated with coconut based esters to provide long-term hydration, working together with turmeric and avocado extract to give you soft, vibrant, nourished skin. 

    If you experience breakouts or sensitivity when using Vitamin C serums, try this instead:

    Revision C+ Correcting Complex 30% is great for all skin types & if you struggle with hyperpigmentation or melasma.


    Liquid Gold with Jordan


    Liquid Gold Usage Tips:

    Apply product as directed (usually 3-7 drops) to face and neck both morning and night. We recommend using Vitamin C serum directly after toning. (Did you know that Liquid Gold was formulated to layer perfectly on top of Toning Pads?!)

    It will take 8-12 weeks of usage to start noticing a difference in your skin, but we promise the wait will be worth it.

    Initially, you will apply Vitamin C three mornings a week on alternating days and gradually increase to once or twice daily as tolerated. Can’t tolerate AM and PM? No worries! Just apply in the AM!


    Liquid Gold dropper




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