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Why do I need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is key ingredient for all skin types, and ours is like Liquid Gold. Here is why we believe Liquid Gold is a necessary in your daily routine! 

Barefaced Liquid Gold Vitamin C Serum

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Barefaced Liquid Gold vitamin c
Barefaced Liquid Gold: Not Your Average Vitamin C. A multitasking antioxidant powerhouse.
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What is Vitamin C and why is it so important?

We spend a lot of time discussing the visible results you can expect to see with skincare, but we don't often focus on what happens to the skin if we don't use certain products. While some products are ideal for treatment and correction, others are crucial for prevention and protection.

Cue, vitamin C --  a powerful antioxidant that is like the silent guardian, the watchful protector, in your skincare routine. Vitamin C's strength is prevention and protection. It is essential for healthy skin, which is why everyone should be using one!



Benefits of Vitamin C

When applied to the skin topically, a vitamin C serum checks all of the below boxes.

Vitamin C Key Benefits Infographic

          1. Brightens the skin + improves skin texture. Vitamin C helps to prevent and fade hyperpigmentation (sun spots, melasma, post-acne marks) by inhibiting melanin production. Anti-inflammatory properties help to create a more even complexion.
          2. Promotes collagen production. As we age, our collagen product slows down, which may result in sagging, less youthful-looking skin.
          3. Aids in wound healing.
          4. Fights free radical damage. Free radicals get produced in our skin daily from things like UV exposure, household chemicals, and environmental toxins/air pollution. Damage caused by free radicals breaks down our skin's collagen, which can lead to fine lines + wrinkles, dark spots, and loose, saggy skin. Using a vitamin C neutralizes the free radicals, preventing this type of damage.  
          5. Protects against sun damage. Vitamin C provides UV protection from harmful rays. Plus, studies have shown that using SPF with vitamin C can make your SPF 11x more effective!
          6. Prevents premature skin aging. More collagen means firmer skin + fewer wrinkles.


    Hands holding Liquid Gold vitamin C


    What is Liquid Gold? 

    Liquid Gold is not your average vitamin C! Formulated to layer perfectly on top of our Toning Pads/Toning Pads II, Liquid Gold is a multitasking antioxidant powerhouse micro-emulsion designed to penetrate deep into the skin, providing mega antioxidant protection from UV damage, defending against premature aging of skin, while encouraging collagen production and boosting effectiveness of SPF.  

    Plus, unlike traditional vitamin C serums, which are water based and can be drying, Liquid Gold is a micro-emulsion formulated with coconut based esters to provide long-term hydration, working together with turmeric and avocado extract to give you soft, vibrant, nourished skin. 

    Infographic on Key Ingredients in Liquid Gold

    If you experience breakouts or sensitivity when using vitamin C serums, try this instead:

    Revision C+ Correcting Complex 30% is great for all skin types & if you struggle with hyperpigmentation or melasma.


    Liquid Gold with Jordan


    Tips for Using Liquid Gold:

    Apply product as directed (usually 3-7 drops) to face and neck both morning and night. We recommend using Liquid Gold directly after toning, which will help product penetration and better your results.

    Initially, apply Liquid Gold three mornings a week on alternating days, and gradually increase to once or twice daily as tolerated. If you can’t tolerate both AM and PM, it's more important to just apply in the AM.

    You will notice Liquid Gold isn’t in airless packaging like our other serums. It’s because ascorbic acid releases gases—that’s what makes the carbonated drink sound when it’s initially opened out of the box. In airless packaging, these gases would build up and crack the packaging. 

    You may also notice differentiations in color in your Liquid Gold. As oxygen mixes with the product (aka oxidation) it can change from a clear, milky white to a mild to moderate shade of orange. All of this is normal and potency has not been effected. It will remain at it’s strongest potency for ~3 months from opening.


    Why You Should Use Vitamin C Twice Daily

    Do you know why your daytime skincare routine is different than your nighttime routine? Your daytime skincare routine is all about protection. Using vitamin C in the morning helps to protect your skin from free radical damage–things like sun, pollution, happy hours, junk food, etc.


    Your daytime skincare routine is all about protecting the skin and your nighttime routine is all about repairing the skin. While your vitamin C was hard at work protecting your skin during the day, your vitamin C reservoirs were being depleted as your were exposed to UV light and free radicals throughout the day. While you sleep, your nighttime application of vitamin C steps in to replenish and build up your reservoir and continue to fight free radical damage.

    We recommend applying vitamin C twice daily so that the vitamin C reservoirs are never depleted and our skin is always being protected and treated. We want our vitamin C reservoirs to be at max capacity so the skin can utilize the needed vitamin C at all times.

    Think of vitamin C application like drinking water. Your body could technically survive for 3 days without water, but would you be thriving if you only drank water once every few days?!

    What if your skin doesn’t seem to like Vitamin C?

    Here we are going on about the importance of vitamin C and using a serum twice a day, but are you someone with skin that acts out against L-ascorbic acid?! If you are, you’re not alone!

    An option for L-ascorbic sensitivity

    L-ascorbic acid is an active form of vitamin C that starts working immediately upon application to the skin.

    If after the initial 8-12 week adjustment period, applying vitamin C serum still causes breakouts or extreme irritation, then try Revision C+ Correcting Complex 30%. This product has to complete a conversion to become active, so it starts working more slowly and gently on the skin, making it a great option for anyone with sensitivities to L-ascorbic vitamin C serums.


    Is my vitamin C changing colors?

    Yes! When you first open a sealed vitamin C serum, including Liquid Gold, it should appear as a clear or light milky color. But as it’s exposed to heat, air and light, it will turn a darker yellow, then orange color and eventually light brown. This process is called oxidation and it does decrease the potency of the L-ascorbic acid over time, which is why we recommend using Liquid Gold writhing 3 months of opening.




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