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How to Use Airless Pumps

Having trouble dispensing product from your airless pump? Try these tricks to prime the pump and start dispensing your product!

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Why won't my product come out?

All of our Barefaced products with pumps are in airless packaging to ensure maximum stability and no product waste. Airless packaging can take a minute or so to properly prime the product.  


What is an airless pump?

An airless pump is packaging that decreases contamination and air the product is exposed to by eliminating the use of a straw. The bottle creates a vacuum effect so that when pumped, it brings the product up and out. A plate sits at the bottom of the product and pushes it up as you pump the product. Sometimes this plate can get “stuck” and requires priming. Priming means pumping the product multiple times until the product is dispelled. 



How to prime your airless pump:

    1. Tap the bottom of the bottle firmly (but not too aggressive) against a hard surface 3-4 times to help loosen up the plate. 
    2. Place your finger over the opening and pump the product until it comes out. It can take up to a minute depending on the thickness of the product.

    If you are still unable to get the product to dispense, turn the bottle over and place a straightened paper clip in the small hole to help push up the plate.

    *Repeat the above steps as needed throughout the life of the product. 



    If the product still will not dispense, please email and our customer service team will be happy to help!

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