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Signs You Need to Incorporate Brightening Serum

Do you struggle with discoloration? Whether it be melasma, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, sun spots or left over marks from old acne, we've got just the thing!

Signs You Need to Incorporate Brightening Serum

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Barefaced Brightening Serum
Barefaced Brightening Serum: Your daily defense to correct + prevent dark spots.

World, meet Brightening Serum

We took our most popular pads, gave them a boost and turned them into a superhero serum, acting as your daily defense to treat and reduce skin discoloration, like sunspots, melasma and post-acne marks! 

Formulated with the all star lineup of brightening ingredients that are clinically proven to minimize discoloration of the skin with continued use. Your future is looking even brighter...see what we did there? 😉

We designed Brightening Serum to complement any regimen and help bring you one step closer to brighter, barefaced skin. 



The brightening ingredients it contains work to inhibit melanin production. Melanin is the pigment responsible for dark spots and melasma. By inhibiting its production, discoloration begins to lighten and fade!



Brightening Serum will be applied right after Vitamin C Serum (Liquid Gold) and can be used AM and PM for maximum efficacy. It can be used long term and will help to maintain results once desired results are achieved. 


The future is bright!

Not sure if you struggle with melasma? Check this out! 




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