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All About Overachiever

Our “kitchen sink” serum that does the absolute most. Learn what it treats, how to use it, and why it’s a must-have during pregnancy.

Barefaced Overachiever serum

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Barefaced Overachiever Serum
Barefaced Overachiever: One product can't do it all, but we got pretty close.
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Overachiever: A Skin-Boosting Serum 

One product can’t do it all, but Overachiever is the closest you’ll get! Its complex formula allows it to serve as a retinoid substitute (can we get an amen from the expectant mamas!), a retinoid booster, a hydrating and soothing serum for all things sensitivity, plus a rockstar de-puffer and skin barrier strengthener.

Whoa, right?! Now you know how it got its name—there’s not much it can’t do!

Overachiever infographic with benefits

A Retinoid Alternative

Overachiever includes a all-star ingredient called bakuchiol. Studies show that when you use 0.5% bakuchiol twice daily, it shows the same results as using retinol once daily. That’s why Overachiever is the ideal retinoid alternative. It aids in cellular turnover (aka skin regeneration), improves collagen and elastin production, and targets fine lines and wrinkles. But unlike retinoids, bakuchiol is recommended for use during pregnancy! (Of course, always get clearance from your OB.)

There may be times outside of pregnancy when you are unable to use a retinoid due to tolerance issues. If any level of a retinoid (retinol, retinaldehyde, or retin-A) proves to be too strong, we think Overachiever would make a great option for your sensitive skin! Get the majority of the benefits of a retinoid, without the irritation.

...and a Retinoid Booster

Speaking of retinoid irritation, all skin types can experience redness, dryness, and flaking when using a retinoid. And sometimes this prevents us from using our retinoid the desired 5-7x per week. Here’s how using Overachiever in the AM in conjunction with your retinoid in the PM leads to better results:
      • Bakuchiol has been shown to lengthen the time of a retinoid's effectiveness.
      • Because bakuchiol has been shown to calm and soothe the skin, it has the capability to increase the tolerability of retinoids, which can cause sensitivity and flaking when used alone.
      • Bakuchiol increases the absorption of retinoids and makes it easier for the skin to absorb.
      • Bakuchiol is an antioxidant that works together with your retinoid to protect the skin from environmental aggressors.


Overachiever Usage Tips

When using both Overachiever and RetinAL Skin Therapy, apply Overachiever in the morning and RetinAL Skin Therapy in the evening. (It’s because they both contain bakuchiol that we suggest skipping Overachiever at night so you can stretch your products even further.)

If there is a night that you are not using RST, use Overachiever both morning and night. And likewise, if you are using any other retinoid besides RST, you can use Overachiever 2x daily to help calm skin and reduce irritation.


Pairs Well With

RetinAL Skin Therapy — for all the reasons described above.

Toning Pads, Toning Pads II, and Glow Peel Pads — to calm and hydrate the skin after applying your active acids, which can feel spicy sometimes.

Hydrating Lotion — to drench skin in hydration and treat sensitized skin reactions.

Sensitive skin/Rosacea/Perioral Dermatitis — helps to reduce redness, great for inflamed skin, even acne flare-ups, and repairs the skin barrier.

Dermaplaning — our favorite for treating redness and dryness post-shave.


All-Around Pregnancy Powerhouse

Growing an human can wreak havoc on our skin and it often feels like there’s nothing you permitted for use during pregnancy. But, Overachiever helps treat a lot of “fun” pregnancy skin concerns:

    • Melasma — it brings a heavy dose of antioxidants
    • Dry Skin — it provides intense hydration
    • Hormonal Breakouts — it encourages cellular turnover


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