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The Bare Necessities

Meet the skincare bundle everyone needs...yes, everyone.

Nightstand with lit candle and the four Barefaced products in the Bare Necessities bundle

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Bare Necessities
Bare Necessities
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Taking the Guess Work Out of 'Where Do I Begin?'

The most common question we receive is “where do I start?!” Well world, we’d like to introduce you to the Bare Necessities! This bundle is the perfect place to start (or upgrade!) your skincare journey.



Five Steps to Foundational Skincare

Step 1 – Take the Skin Quiz to determine your skin type.


Step 2 – Begin with the Bare Necessities or the Bare Necessities (Retinoid Alternative).

The Bare Necessities bundle is ideal for all skin types. It starts with two core products recommended across all routines:


      • Produces collagen (Firms skin/reduces wrinkles)
      • Provides UV protection from harmful rays
      • Improves texture of the skin
      • Prevents/actively fades dark spots
      • Fights free radical damage (Examples of free radicals: cigarette smoke, household chemicals, environmental toxins)


      • Reduces the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles by increasing collagen production
      • Improves skin tone and texture for smoother, firmer looking skin
      • Aids in fading sun spots and smoothing out rough patches on the skin
      • Increases cellular turnover, which can minimize breakouts
      • Stimulates production of new blood vessels on the skin, which improves the color of the skin
      • Added bakuchiol complements RetinAL Skin Therapy to reduce sensitivity, improve tolerability & allows it to work longer + more effectively on the skin

Pregnant or nursing? Truly unable to tolerate retinoid? (Which is not the same as reactions in the adjustment period.) Don’t worry about missing out! We created the Bare Necessities (Retinoid Alternative) just for you. This bundle swaps out RST for retinoid substitute Overachiever.


      • Visibly reduces redness & puffiness
      • Targets fine lines and encourages collagen production (a pregnancy safe retinoid alternative or retinoid booster)
      • Calms and soothes the skin, minimizing irritation + helping the skin retain moisture
      • Minimizes the appearance of pores and improves skin firmness
      • Stimulates cellular turnover and enhances the efficacy of your other skincare products to prevent against premature aging and promote long-term skin health

Infographic on which Bare Necessities is right for you


Step 3 – Complete your bundle with customization! Choose between Toning Pads or Toning Pads II.


      • Recommended for first-time skincare pad users.
      • The ideal starting point for all skin types.
      • Once you’ve established tolerance or if breakouts persist, then consider moving up to Toning Pads II for their higher percentage of acids.


      • Recommended for seasoned skincare pad users (who have established tolerability to Toning Pads).
      • The higher percentage of acids in Toning Pads II can greatly benefit all skin types, especially oily/combination skin types prone to breakouts.


Step 4 – Select from SHEER or TINTED SPF.

Our SPF doesn't just have any kind of Zinc, but micronized Zinc Oxide. This technology allows for our SPF to become sheer once applied. In the past, Zinc Oxide was thick, sticky and left a white residue on the skin.

With this latest technology, the Zinc has been finely milled into micro particles that appears clear when massaged into the skin. The Zinc circle particles are thinly cut so that they can lay completely flat and overlap on the skin, this way no sun rays will pass through.

Zinc Oxide is a photostable mineral that blocks the broadest range of UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) ultraviolet rays, offering the strongest protection against the sun.


Step 5 – Subscribe! You'll never want to run out of these foundational items. Consistency is key for results and long-term skin health, so let us handle reordering for you. We’re happy to take that off your plate!

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