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How Much Product Should I Apply?

And why it matters.

Woman dispensing a pump of RetinAL Skin Therapy onto her fingertips

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Tinted Protection SPF 50+

Are you using the proper amount of product?

You just bought new skincare products and the audio to your life is New Kids on the Block, because you got that right stuff. But are you using the right amount of that stuff? Using your skincare products as directed is a big part of achieving results.

The Sweet Spot for Each Product...

Welcome to the sweet spot. Here’s the amounts of each product you should be using and the issues with using too much or too little of each:


Cleanser → Dime-Sized

Too little: Not enough cleanser means dirt and debris are likely still sitting in your pores, which can lead to breakouts. This is why we love a double-cleanse at night—with a gentle cleaners first, like balm or micellar water—or just two dime-sized washes with your regular cleanser. The first round breaks up SPF and makeup, and the second gets deep into pores.

Too much: If you have sensitive skin, sometimes over cleansing can lead to dryness and irritation. If you don’t, using too much simply means you’ll fly through the product faster with no added benefits. No thanks!

Revision Cleanser


Exfoliation Products → 1 skincare pad or 1-3 times a week with physical exfoliation

Too little: Dead skin can pile up on the surface, trapping dirt and oils underneath—leading to breakouts and other bumps like Keratosis Pilaris and Milia.

Too much: Over-exfoliating is a real thing. Over-using abrasive scrubs and brushes can cause dryness, flaking, redness, and burning/stinging when applying your other products. The same goes for chemical exfoliants too (like Toning Pads and Glow Peel Pads), so use as tolerated to avoid irritation.


Serums → 3-4 drops or 1 pump

Too little: You won’t be maximizing the benefits and it can take a while to see any results (if at all). 

Too much: Over-using serums can cause them to not absorb quickly which can possibly lead to pilling. Too much of concentrated active ingredients can also cause added irritation in some skin types. 

 Woman dispensing Overachiever onto her hand


Eye Cream → Rice-Sized

Too little: You’re looking at a long time to see results and less hydration for this delicate area. 

Too much: This can possibly clog pores or cause eye irritation. 


Retinoid → 1 inch for retinol/retinaldehyde + pea-sized for most prescription-strength amounts (consult with prescribing physician)

Too little: Absolutely any amount helps, but results can take a while if you’re using less than directed. 

Too much: Over-application can lead to a whole lot of dryness, redness, peeling/flaking, and other irritation.


Moisturizer → Nickel-Sized

Too little: The key here is finding one that works ideally for your skin type. If a product leaves your skin feeling too greasy, you’re less likely to use it consistently. Skin dehydration can display as redness, tightness, flakiness, and dullness. 

Too much: Hello potential oily-looking sheen, clogged pores and breakouts. 


Perfectionist → One dropper full *or* 2 drops mixed with moisturizer

Oilplaning: Full dropper to your whole face to help glide your razor smoothly. 

Facial oil: Mix 2 drops with Hydrating Lotion to intensify and thicken your moisturizer if skin is feeling extra dry. It will help deeply soak in all the goodness of your lotion.

SPF → 2 finger-lengths

Too little: This is the more common issue. Most people only use SPF in makeup or a nickel-sized amount of daily SPF. This, unfortunately, does not provide adequate sun protection from damaging UV rays. This can lead to burning, sun spot discoloration, pre-mature aging, and even skin cancer. 

Too much: There’s honestly no such thing. (But clogged pores can be an issue for some. Always double cleanse!)



Using the proper quantities are the key to getting results you seek and achieving your best skin yet! 


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