Troop Barefaced

We are a close-knit community of skincare lovers committed to helping people feel good in their own skin. If you love...

  • Creating fun and sharing a positive, inspiring perspective
  • Always learning and becoming your best self
  • Embracing teamwork and collaboration


We want you to join Troop Barefaced! Perks include...

  • Personalized Routines: One year of free product, personalized for your skin type
  • Barefaced Studio: Content ideas, production tips, and content creation templates to help you grow your brand! 
  • Camp Barefaced: An intimate glamp-ing experience to rest, reset, and recharge towards your goals 
  • Social Shares: Regularly syndicated content with our community of 300k+
  • Barefaced Network: Knowledge share with other influencers, creators, and business owners
  • Troop Leaders: Coaching, mentorship, and support from Troop Barefaced leaders to become your best self, personally and professionally