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The Core Four Must Haves for All Skin Types

If you're going to start anywhere with skincare, start here.

The core four must-have products for all skin types

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The Core Four

These products are a must in your skincare routine. They are worth spending the money on because they actually work (thanks to years and years of research). Invest in the products that have the data to prove their ingredients do what they say they are going to do.



Sounds pretty self-explanatory, but cleansing is a vital step in a skincare routine! It assists in removing oil and dirt buildup which preps the skin for the products to come. 

Our favorite cleansers? Check them out here!


core four must haves for all skin types - girl using cleanser



Just trust us - Vitamin C serum is an absolute staple in your skincare regimen from now until the end of time! Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to your skin to prevent dryness through Vitamin C serum, as it brightens away hyperpigmentation and encourages the growth of collagen and elastin fibers.

Here are some of its stellar benefits for your skin:

      • Promotes collagen production thus reducing appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
      • Prevents/heals skin discoloration
      • Protects skin from free radical damage and makes sunscreen more effective
      • Improves skin texture and brightens the skin

Click here for more info on the benefits of Vitamin C and product recommendations for each skin type!


Core four must haves for all skin types - vitamin C serum Liquid Gold 



Daily sunscreen is crucial to prevent premature aging and UV damage. There is actually a new sunscreen study that found using daily sunscreen (wearing it 365 days/year regardless if you’re in the sun or not) can reverse common signs of photo-aging (ie, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation).

Find our favorite facial sunscreens here!


core four must haves for all skin types - daily sunscreen SPF



Retinoids are the GOLD STANDARD in anti-aging and fighting acne. In a nutshell, retinoids speed up your cellular turnover, which gives you smoother, younger looking skin. WIN! 

More basic info on retinoids here and hot tips on how to start using a retinoid here!


Core Four products for all skin types - models 




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