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About the Holiday Collection

All our tips for how to make your skincare routine sleigh this season.

Barefaced Holiday Collection Blog Post

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Key Three Kit
Key Three Kit
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'Tis the Season for Really Good Skin

Our mission is to help you create a skincare routine that is tailored to your unique skin type. Our Holiday Collection features six (!!!) kits that have been curated by our Skincare Experts (all RNs) to treat your specific skin concerns.  

Where to Start?

We've taken the guesswork out for you and made building a routine oh, so easy! 

We designed our skincare kits to start with the foundation, the Key Three (your without a doubt must-haves), and then add on from here, building a well-rounded routine tailored to address specific skin concerns. This makes it easy to spread the skincare cheer and give the gift of Barefaced this year! OR easy to add a kit or two to your own wish list. 😉



Want the must-haves/can't-miss basics/everyone-needs-in-their-routine kit?

The Key Three

The Key Three Kit includes your key three products for long-term skin health: Liquid Gold, Sheer or Tinted SPF (your choice!) and RetinAL Skin Therapy. These three products make up the foundation of your skincare routine. Start here, then build your routine based on your skin concern - keep reading!

P.S. - this kit is for EVERYONE unless you are pregnant/nursing - if that's you, skip to our Oh, Baby! Kit.



Want to reduce sensitivity + decrease redness?

All is Calm Kit

The All is Calm Kit includes Overachiever and Hydrating Lotion. This combo will help strengthen and nourish your skin barrier (bye bye dryness!), minimize redness and sensitivity, and get your skin back on track! Use in conjunction with the Key Three for best results.

 All is Calm Holiday Kit



Want to minimize dark spots + discoloration?

All is Bright Kit

The All is Bright Kit includes Brightening Serum and Glow Peel Pads. These are our two favorite treatments to help reduce skin discoloration, like sun spots, melasma and post-acne marks. Reveal even brighter, smoother skin when used with the Key Three Kit. Your skin will be merry + bright all season long!

All is Bright Holiday Kit




Want to keep breakouts at bay?

You Sleigh Kit

The You Sleigh Kit includes Toning Pads II and Glow Peel Pads. As if you don't have enough to stress about during the holidays - acne doesn't need to be one of them! Say hello to your daily and weekly treatments to reduce and prevent breakouts. Add in the Key Three Kit so *you* can *sleigh* this holiday season! 

You Sleigh Holiday Kit



Want to minimize fine lines + dull skin?

The Glow Up Kit

The Glow Up Kit includes Glow Peel Pads, Overachiever and Hydrating Lotion. This trio of age-defying treatments work together to promote healthy, firmer skin while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production. Let it glow, girl!

The Glow Up Holiday Kit




Need a pregnancy-safe routine?

Oh, Baby! Kit

The Oh, Baby! Kit includes Liquid Gold, Overachiever, Hydrating Lotion and your choice of Sheer or Tinted SPF. This set acts as your foundation (vitamin C + daily SPF) and includes a retinoid-alternative (Overachiever). Hydrating Lotion moisturizer is an added bonus to hydrate and soothe your skin - because you're definitely on the nice list this year!

Need to add on to your Oh, Baby! Kit to complete your routine? Add in Brightening Serum to help with dark spots and melasma, and Toning Pads or Toning Pads II for dull skin and breakouts.

*We always recommend consulting with your OB prior to usage. 

Oh Baby! Holiday Kit



Shop all kits in the Barefaced Holiday Collection!


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